HSV is a highly available managed service for desktop telepresence and enterprise grade video communications.  HSV offers the only fully featured, software based service-delivery platform for enterprises looking for high definition, highly secure and reliable video communications.


Highest Quality Audio and Video Communications
High definition, full motion video in a reliable and secure environment – that’s the next best thing to face to face meetings without the hassle and cost of travel.

No Capital Expenses
HSV’s complete software based solution only requires our end point software to be downloaded on broadband connected PCs with webcams.  No special hardware, IT infrastructure or endpoints are required.

Enterprise grade reliability and security
Whether CEO keynotes to the entire company or private discussions behind closed doors, HSV is a highly secure environment for the most confidential video communication regardless of how widely distributed the participants are.

On Demand, Pay as you Go Service
HSV’s unique SaaS approach has made enterprise video communications an affordable mass utility as opposed to a high end luxury that requires capital and staff to own and manage. With HSV you pay for a reservationless service on a monthly basis based on your usage and requirements – with no upfront capital expenses.

Fully Managed Service
HSV is a fully managed service platform – you don’t need any IT staff to setup or manage your video communications.  We provide 24x7 availability and onboarding of any 3rd parties and proprietary systems that you want to connect to.

Open System
Put an end to the tyranny of proprietary and hardware based systems. HSV is the most advanced managed platform with an open architecture designed specifically for video communications. HSV is offered as a highly flexible and scalable service (SaaS) that allows easy set up and scalability of your video communications’ network to different vendors’ networks, endpoints and 3rd party systems quickly, easily and affordably.

Reuse Existing Hardware
HSV does not require you to undertake forklift upgrades if you already own video conferencing or telepresence equipment.  HSV’s open standards’ based bridging allows any proprietary existing hardware and telepresence rooms to be integrated and reused with our flexible integration options.


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